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Glidewell Spotlights Women Dentists Through Guiding Leaders

Guiding Leaders is back to help women dentists become key influencers in the field.

March 8, 2022
Smile Bulletin Staff
Glidewell Gives Women Dentists the Spotlight Through Guiding Leaders hero image

It’s no secret that women in dentistry are often encouraged — or obligated — to follow a different path than men in the industry. Even though women comprise about 50% of the dental student population in the U.S., women dentists are more likely to become dental employees rather than owners (55% vs. 34%).1 While many factors can influence these decisions, the overall message is clear: Women dentists deserve to step into the spotlight and become key influencers in the industry.

Guiding Leaders is a program designed to help women do just that. For practicing women dentists who are living in the United States or Canada and have five or more years of clinical experience, Guiding Leaders is an in-person, professional development program that empowers women to become voices of influence in the field of dentistry. Selected participants will be able to cultivate their leadership skills as they build long-lasting relationships with fellow women dentists and subject matter experts.

Watch this one-minute video featuring the visionaries of Guiding Leaders to learn more about the program.

"Guiding Leaders is focused on empowering women in the industry and helping them expand their leadership goals,” said Stephenie Goddard, chief executive officer at Glidewell and Guiding Leaders visionary. “We are honored to elevate women and their potential through immersive studies on our Newport Beach, California, campus. This dynamic environment is dedicated to advancing their knowledge of business, communication and team building. It’s time for these ladies to own their worth.”

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Guiding Leaders enables women dentists to play a more competitive role in dentistry by showing them how to confidently acknowledge their accomplishments.

This nonclinical dental leadership program begins in April and concludes in October, and offers up to 70 continuing education credits for participants who attend each course. Guiding Leaders courses are led by experts in the field and cover the most essential topics for becoming a stronger leader in dentistry:

  • Practice management
  • Leadership development
  • Financial planning
  • Public speaking
  • Case presentation and photography
  • Media and brand enhancement

Each selected participant will also receive an executive training coach to help improve their own practice and leadership skills. These executive training coaches come from a wide range of companies, including Glidewell, Dentist Advisors and Levin Group.

“We can’t wait to make a difference in the lives of this year’s women leaders,” said Leila Fejzagic, Guiding Leaders cosponsor and executive vice president of HR at Glidewell. “Graduating Guiding Leaders will be empowered to instill positive change in their own practice and in the dental community as a whole. This is made possible by their intensive training. Selected applicants will participate in a program like no other that is filled with inspiring instructors, like-minded women dentists, and a whole lot of fun!”

The 2019-2020 Guiding Leaders graduating class

The 2019-20 Guiding Leaders graduating class.

The 2019-20 inaugural group of Guiding Leaders were selected based on their dental background, career achievements and leadership potential. "Our 2019 Guiding Leaders event was widely praised by the participants, and we are thrilled to be offering the program again this year,” said Bobbie Norton, Guiding Leaders cosponsor and managing editor of Chairside® magazine. While the program is rigorous and requires a lot of discipline, the selected Guiding Leaders will also enjoy spending time together in sunny Southern California.

2019-20 Guiding Leaders mingled with Glidewell executives on a sunset cruise

Celebrating their hard work and progress, the 2019-20 Guiding Leaders mingled with Glidewell executives on a sunset cruise.

To be considered for the 2022 Guiding Leaders program, applicants must apply by March 25, 2022, and must include all required elements of the application:

  • Application form
  • CV/resume
  • 90-second video
  • Terms of agreement

All practicing women dentists in the United States and Canada are encouraged to apply if they have five or more years of clinical dental experience and feel they’re ready to become a key influencer. Only about 25 women will be selected to participate in this life-changing program designed to empower women and spark change in dentistry. Apply today or learn more at guidingleaders.com.


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