Eliminating Barriers to Treatment: Social Responsibility at Glidewell

We’re Here to Help.

Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.

At Glidewell, the spirit of giving is woven into everything we do. From charitable fundraising to wellness events, we know the importance of paying it forward. There aren’t enough words in the dictionary to describe the significance of giving back. Even the simplest acts of benevolence — the ones we think of as “random acts of kindness” — can create a ripple effect that will continue to be felt long after the deed is done.

Since our inception in 1970, we have been inspired by the efforts of dentists to positively impact the lives of patients, and we have strived to provide products and services that aid clinicians in providing high quality care to people around the world.

However, we know that oral health is far from a luxury, and recognize that the mouth is a window into what’s going on in the rest of the body. Our awareness that there are communities out there who find themselves in need and without adequate resources to receive treatment is what drives us to get involved.

When one of the RDAs from our Clinical Research department wanted to volunteer to improve patients’ dental health by travelling 5,500 miles to work with the Fiji Dental & Medical Foundation, we were honored to participate in the effort by donating clinical supplies. Closer to home, we provide support for Operation Homefront, a national nonprofit whose mission is to build strong, stable and secure military families so that they can thrive in the communities they have worked so hard to protect.


Glidewell has provided over $350,000 worth of restorative services to help doctors who perform life-changing dental work for low-income individuals.

Glidewell employees have participated in free clinic events such as the Los Angeles Care Harbor Event.

Many Glidewell employees have volunteered their time and expertise to fabricate restorations for countless uninsured, underinsured and at-risk individuals.

The Spirit of Giving Back

When you think of Glidewell, we hope you think of us as more than just the world’s leading dental laboratory, but also as thousands of employees working to help improve the lives of all in need. Participation in fundraising for organizations that make a difference, such as the Humane Society of the U.S., the Blind Children’s Learning Center and the ALS Association, as well as participation in local events, such as beach cleanups and wellness events, allows us to take an active interest in our own communities and boosts our own morale.

That rewarding feeling of giving back was personified recently when we donated the implant restorations needed for a pro bono full-mouth reconstruction provided by Detroit dentist Dr. Timothy Kosinki for a Salvation Army driver whose oral health was in exceptionally bad shape.





This patient’s response says it all: “I can smile again!”

A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.

We want to thank you for being the reason we smile.