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Top 10 Things to Never Be Without — Part 1



article by Jennifer Carpio, RDAEF2

I imagine in any discipline you decide to take part in, there are going to be those key elements, products, essential components, that you just can’t do without. To be deprived of these elements might not necessarily be detrimental to the task at hand, per se; but the regular ease they afford or joy they contribute always makes their absence overtly felt.

As a Registered Dental Assistant Extended Function Level II, my workplace is no different. But every once in a while, an implement with a little something more finds its way onto the tool tray. These are the tools of the trade that I want to highlight in this recurring feature: the products that work so unobtrusively, they all but remove their presence from the workflow. They give me the freedom to perform my job the way I know how, without having to wrestle with technology or find workarounds. Swift, comfortable, quality dentistry leads to happy patients, and these tools allow the dentist and I to achieve the former so that we can enjoy the smiles we improve from the latter.

Brasseler CP113NS6 Cord Placement Instrument

Cord Placement Instrument

If you’re licensed to pack retraction cords, I’ve found no cord packer better than the Brasseler Cord Packer. Unlike other cord placement instruments, the Brasseler CP113NS6 (Brasseler USA Dental; Savannah, Ga.) has sharp angles at the ends, allowing perpendicular access to the sulcus without awkward twisting of the wrist and subsequent unintentional dislodging of the cord. In addition, competing products commonly ship with ends too thick to slide under the sulcus, bowing and crooking when the soft tissue puts up a fight. Conversely, the business ends of the Brasseler are mercifully thin enough to slip snugly into the limited space of the sulcus, while remaining rigid enough to tuck-and-move without yielding to pushback. And the icing on the cake is the sharp edge, which allows you to grab control of the cord while positioning, yet easily slips free once you’re pleased with the placement.

Garmers Cotton Roll Holder

Garmers Cotton Roll Holder

When trying to take an intraoral impression or cement a restoration, the name of the game is isolation. After much care is taken to clean and dry an area on the mandible, the reintroduction of saliva or other foreign material to the working region is anathema to a case’s successful climax. Cotton rolls are the obvious solution, but an antsy tongue or minor flex in the cheek can easily dislodge these stalwart defenders if left to stake their ground without assistance. Garmers Cotton Roll Holders (Garmers Dental Instruments; Minneapolis, Minn.) lend that steadfast assistance, freeing you to concentrate on the task at hand without having to take constant leave to resituate uppity cotton rolls. Simple yet brilliant, these slim clamps of molded stainless steel hug a cotton roll to each side of the mandibular ridge, with a comfortable jaw rest that uses the patient’s own chin as an anchor point. Isolating dentition has never been easier or less intrusive.

Chairside Magazine: Volume 9, Issue 2

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