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BruxZir® Solid Zirconia — Indications and Clinical Techniques, Ch. 4

In Chapter 4 of 5, Dr. Michael DiTolla takes a look at how to adjust and polish a BruxZir® restoration.

Why should you be interested in this monolithic concept of a solid zirconia crown? One of the big reasons is, when you fuse porcelain to a metal substructure or a zirconia substructure, there is always the possibility that those two layers are going to come apart. The best-case scenario is a small chip on the porcelain that you might be able to polish off. The worst case is the porcelain completely fracturing, exposing the substructure and requiring replacement. So one of the big benefits of having a monolithic zirconia restoration is the fact that nothing can chip off of it since we don't have two materials that are fused together. It's all made out of one homogeneous material, in this case tough zirconia oxide.

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