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Atraumatic Extraction & Socket Grafting (1 CE Credit)

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Course Objectives (1 CE Credit)

Paresh B. Patel, DDS

This course covers the materials and procedures required to perform successful atraumatic extraction and simple socket preservation.
Topics include: the healing process after extraction, ridge resorption, choosing grafting materials, and the clinical techniques for socket preservation.
Also covered are the clinical challenges and solutions in cases of missing boney walls and the benefits of developing the correct bone volume and tissue for implant placement.

Learning Objectives:

  • The learner will be able to define the need and process required for an Atraumatic Extraction and Simple Socket Preservation.
  • Explain the clinical techniques to preserve than regenerate missing hard and soft tissues.
  • Identify and use the correct grafting materials.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of Simple Socket Preservation if all walls are intact.
  • Analyze clinical challenges during extraction and provide optimal solutions.


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