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Millennial Dentistry: Engagement and Retention (1 CE Credit)

Millennial Dentistry
Launch Course

Course Objectives (1 CE Credit)

Chad Duplantis, DDS

This course is designed to provide dentists with insight into the millennial mindset, in order to provide those patients with an optimal clinical experience. Topics include: identifying key areas of patient experience, educating staff on patient engagement and providing authentic patient education.
You will learn strategies to successfully manage the patient lifecycle in your practice, including capturing, introducing, recalling and retaining the millennial patient.

At the conclusion of this lecture, participants will have familiarity with these topics:

  • Describe the influence that millennials have in today’s society and dentistry
  • Discuss how branding, marketing, and social media can benefit your practice
  • • Discuss how to effectively engage and retain your patient population through effective, authentic communication


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