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BruxZir® Esthetic NOW Milling Blocks


*Price is per 3-block pack and does not include shipping or applicable taxes.

Please note pricing is only available to dental professionals.

A fully sintered milling block with esthetics ideal for the anterior zone. BruxZir® Esthetic NOW gives you the ability to deliver naturally beautiful, lifelike crowns in a single visit. No oven time or post-processing required.

  • The only highly esthetic, fully sintered zirconia for in-office use
  • Deliver right from the mill — no oven time or post-processing needed
  • Ideal for anterior crowns demanding high strength and maximum esthetics
  • Available exclusively for Glidewell milling systems

Beauty in a Single Visit

BruxZir Esthetic NOW Milling Blocks make it easy to deliver single-visit restorations that are not only strong and long-lasting — they’re highly esthetic, too.

Based on the original BruxZir NOW Milling Blocks and manufactured with the same materials used in the Glidewell labs to create anterior crowns, BruxZir Esthetic NOW blocks deliver 870 MPa of flexural strength, paired with a whole new level of lifelike translucency that makes them a superb choice for the anterior zone. Select from an array of 18 VITA® Classical Shades, including two bleach shades, to match any natural dentition.

Deliver single-unit crowns in just one appointment. BruxZir Esthetic NOW blocks are designed exclusively for Glidewell milling systems, and are ready to deliver right from the mill — no post-processing or oven time required.

VITA is a registered trademark of VITA Zahnfabrik.

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BruxZir Esthetic NOW Milling Blocks are compatible with Glidewell in-office milling units, and are indicated for use in the creation of custom-made all-ceramic single-unit restorations for anterior locations, including bicuspids.

Material Composition

Pre-shaded, fully sintered zirconia

Strength Characteristics

870 MPa of flexural strength

Milling Time

< 45 minutes

Available Shades

A1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4, B1, B2, B3, B4, C1, C2, C3, C4, D2, D3, D4, BL1, BL White

Packaging Options

3-block pack, includes 3 single-use burs


BruxZir Esthetic NOW Milling Blocks(3-block pack)
Pricing is subject to change and does not include shipping or applicable taxes.

Instructions for Use


Clinical Tips

  • 1.25 mm ideal reduction (0.8 mm minimum)
  • Chamfer margins preferred
  • All axial walls convergent (minimize undercuts)
  • Labial surface should be cut in 3 planes

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