In-Office Mill™ In-Office Mill

The™ In-Office Mill makes it simple to provide your patients with same-visit restorations. It uses cutting-edge technology to ensure precise results that meet or exceed restorations fabricated in the laboratory, while giving you the streamlined convenience of in-office milling.

  • Exclusive milling technology used in Glidewell’s own laboratories
  • Creates crowns with superior fit and precise margins
  • High-torque electric spindle; requires no external air compressor
  • Small footprint integrates easily into any workspace

Mill Same-Visit Crowns with Superior Fit and Precision

The In-Office Mill makes it easy to prescribe, mill and deliver single-visit crowns with superior fit and precise margins. Electric-powered with a small footprint, it integrates easily into any workspace and requires no external air compressor — just plug it in and go. Operation is streamlined and simple, and Glidewell is always available to offer on-call support if required.

With the, you have the ability to mill restorations from BruxZir® NOW, the only fully sintered zirconia available for in-office use and the No. 1 selling brand of zirconia in the industry. Please your patients with fast turnaround times on high-quality crowns as good as those they get from the lab. The is also compatible with a range of other versatile restorative materials. Manufactured in the U.S. by Glidewell Dental.



The In-Office Mill is indicated for use in milling in-office single-unit restorations using a variety of available compatible materials.

Compatible Milling Materials

BruxZir NOW, CAMouflage® NOW, BioTemps® NOW, Obsidian® lithium silicate ceramic


18 W x 18 D x 13 H in.


≤ 115 lbs.

Power Input Voltage

120 V

Power Input Frequency

60 Hz

Max Power

350–450 W

Power Input Fuse

6.0 A 250 V

Operating Temperature Range

64.4° F to 122° F (18° C to 50° C)

Storage Temperature Range

64.4° F to 122° F (18° C to 50° C)

Operating and Storage Humidity Range

0% to 85% (noncondensing relative humidity)

Water Ingress

Nonimmersion with exception of matching area; damp wipe only on the outside


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