i900 Scanning Solution Image™ Scanning Solution featuring Medit® i900®

The™ Scanning Solution combines Medit® i900® technology with software to deliver a complete, stress-free and affordable introduction to digital dentistry.  

  • Enjoy outstanding accuracy and resolution with errorless metal and edentulous scanning.
  • Scan from any position using the smaller, lighter, and symmetrical ergonomic design of the i900. 
  • Includes a portable cart, laptop, and monitor and direct support and training from Glidewell. 

Try our ROI Calculator to find how much you could be saving with the Scanning Solution.

Get a Next-Gen Scanning Experience with Medit and Glidewell

Introducing the next evolution in scanning technology with higher accuracy and precision in a sleek, ergonomic design. The featuring Medit® i900® delivers better comfort and control in an easy-to-use workflow that maximizes your clinical care and improves patient experience. With no hidden fees, no subscriptions, and ongoing training included, the Medit i900 is the easiest path to a digital workflow.

With featuring Medit i900, enjoy a seamless connection to Glidewell for a 3-day turnaround and $20 savings or more per unit on model-free cases, or send cases to your lab of choice.



The Scanning Solution is indicated for use in capturing digital scans of tooth anatomy for the process of performing dental procedures.

Scanning frame

Up to 70 FPS

Imaging technology

3D-in-motion video technology | 3D full color streaming capture

Anti-fogging technology

Adaptive anti-fogging


Up to 150 times


165 g


223.4 x 36.7 x 35.3 mm


10.9 μm ± 0.98

Tip size

Large: 26.7 x 19.7 mm I Mid: 21.8 x 16.3 mm I Small: 17.9 x 13.1 mm

Cable length

C-Type Power Delivery Cable: 2 m & 2.5 m


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