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Dr. Joshua Austin is a graduate of the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio School of Dentistry, with five post-graduation years spent as faculty in the department of restorative dentistry. He lectures around the country covering topics ranging from clinical products and technologies to online reputation management and social media. Dr. Austin is an editorial director and columnist for Dental Economics®, particularly known for his “Pearls for Your Practice” column in which he eschews today’s commercial-driven dental journalism and focuses rather on giving honest product evaluations based on real clinical experiences he has amassed while maintaining a full-time private restorative practice in San Antonio. Contact him at chairside@glidewelldental.com.



Dr. Gordon Christensen is a practicing prosthodontist in Provo, Utah. He is director of Practical Clinical Courses and CEO of Clinicians Report®. He is also a Diplomate of the American Board of Prosthodontics; Fellow and Diplomate of the ICOI; Fellow of the AO, ACD, ICD, ACP and Royal College of Surgeons of England; Honorary Fellow of the AGD; and an Associate Fellow of the AAID. Dr. Christensen and his wife, Rella, are cofounders of the nonprofit Gordon J. Christensen Clinicians Report (formerly CRA Newsletter). Contact him at 801-226-6569 or info@pccdental.com.



Dr. Robert Garfield is a 1963 graduate of Northwestern University Dental School in Chicago. With professional experiences including a former assistant professorship in fixed prosthodontics at the UCLA School of Dentistry and a solo private practice, he has authored numerous articles and presented at most major dental meetings. In 1996, Dr. Garfield received the Dentist of the Year Award from the Southern California Academy of General Dentistry and, in 2004, the Spirit of Leadership Award from the California Academy of General Dentistry. He has been a member of the CAGD and SCAGD boards of directors since 1979, serving in all board positions, and is presently the assistant editor of GP News and the executive director of the SCAGD. Since his retirement from practice, Dr. Garfield has been conducting a restorative dentistry and implant mentoring instruction service from a home facility. Contact him at 310-472-2949 or drrobertgarfield@aol.com.



Dr. Louis Malcmacher is a practicing general dentist and president of the American Academy of Facial Esthetics (AAFE), a multidisciplinary professional organization focused on teaching noninvasive facial esthetic techniques to health care professionals worldwide. He is an internationally renowned lecturer and author known for his comprehensive style. Visit facialesthetics.org to find information about frontline dental sleep medicine, bruxism therapy and medical insurance billing, or to explore live-patient courses on alleviating TMJ and orofacial pain through the use of BOTOX® and dermal fillers. He can be contacted at 800-952-0521, or email him at drlouis@facialesthetics.org.


Michael C. DiTolla, DDS, FAGD

Dr. Michael DiTolla is a graduate of the University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry. As director of clinical education and research at Glidewell Laboratories in Newport Beach, California, he performs clinical testing on new products in conjunction with the company’s R&D department. Glidewell dental technicians have the privilege of rotating through Dr. DiTolla’s operatory and witnessing firsthand his commitment to excellence as he preps and places their restorations. He is an evaluator for CR (Clinicians Report) and lectures nationwide on restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Dr. DiTolla has several clinical programs available on DVD and on-demand online through Glidewell Laboratories. For more information on his articles, or to receive a free copy of Dr. DiTolla’s clinical presentations, call 888-303-4221 or email him at mditolla@glidewelldental.com.



Dr. Christopher Ramsey received his dental degree from Temple University’s Kornberg School of Dentistry in Philadelphia in 1999. He is a graduate of the Kois Center in Seattle, an alumnus of The Pankey Institute in Key Biscayne, Florida, past president of The Florida Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and a member of the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry and the American Society for Dental Aesthetics, as well as an accredited member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr. Ramsey is also a product consultant for The Dental Advisor and on the editorial review boards for the AACD Journal and the Journal of Implant and Restorative Dentistry. He has published numerous articles across notable publications, and has lectured internationally on the latest techniques, materials, technologies and protocols needed to create a successful esthetic-based practice. He currently has a comprehensive esthetic and restorative practice in Jupiter, Florida. Contact him at drcramsey@ritterandramsey.com.



Dr. Daniel Melker graduated from the Boston University School of Graduate Dentistry in 1975 with specialty training in periodontics. Since then, he has maintained a private practice in periodontics in Clearwater, Florida. Dr. Melker lectures at the University of Florida, UAB and LSU periodontic and prosthodontic graduate programs on the periodontic-restorative relationship. He also presents at the University of Houston and Baylor University. Dr. Melker has published several articles in national dental magazines, as well as The International Journal of Periodontics & Restorative Dentistry, and has twice been honored with the Florida Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Gold Medal. Contact him at 727-725-0100.



Dr. Anamaria Muresan is a graduate of the Western University of Health Sciences College of Dental Medicine. Prior to receiving her DMD, Dr. Muresan joined Glidewell Laboratories in 1995 as a dental technician in the lab’s BioTemps department. Three years later, she received her CDT in ceramics and spent 12 years as Ceramic Manager in Fixed Prosthodontics. Her management responsibilities at the time included CAD/CAM systems for fabrication of pressed dental restorations. In July 2013, after taking leave to further her education, Dr. Muresan returned to Glidewell Laboratories to join Dr. DiTolla’s Operatory team as director of clinical research. Contact her at chairside@glidewelldental.com.

Chairside Magazine: Volume 10, Issue 3

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