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Dr. DiTolla’s Clinical Tips – MASTERmatic™ LUX M25 L and MASTERmatic LUX M05 L Mini™ High-speed Handpieces



MASTERmatic™ LUX M25 L and MASTERmatic LUX M05 L Mini™ High-speed Handpieces


KaVo Dental
Charlotte, N.C.

I’m pretty sure KaVo has just eliminated your last excuse for not switching to electric handpieces with the introduction of the MASTERmatic™ Lux M25 L and MASTERmatic LUX M05 L Mini™ high-speed handpieces. It was hard to argue with dentists when they complained that electrics were too big, too heavy, or caused hand fatigue. I was always willing to accept that trade-off because I found the massive torque to be indispensable for precision prepping and the intraoral adjustment of crowns and bridges. And now that we are commonly faced with the unenviable task of having to cut through solid zirconia and lithium disilicate, this torque is even more indispensable.

The MASTERmatic M25 L is 25 percent smaller than the electric handpiece I am currently using, and the MASTERmatic M05 L is a whopping 43 percent smaller. In fact, the first time I saw the MASTERmatic M05 L I thought my dental assistant was pranking me by telling me that this new air rotor was an electric. Turns out, the MASTERmatic M05 L is an electric handpiece after all, and it’s the only one that reaches nearly all patients’ second molars. The only trade-off for this compact size is you lose two of the water ports (leaving just one), compared to the MASTERmatic M25 L. So the MASTERmatic M25 L is still my day-in-day-out electric high-speed handpiece, and I’ll use the MASTERmatic M05 L whenever I’m having a difficult time reaching the distal wall or proximal box of a second molar. Congratulations, KaVo. You’ve done it again!

Chairside Magazine: Volume 10, Issue 3

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