Dr. DiTolla’s Clinical Tips – Picasso® Lite

May 8, 2012
Picasso® Lite

Picasso® Lite

Indianapolis, Ind.

I use my diode laser on nearly half of my patients, typically for small amounts of gingival recontouring or pre-impression troughing. There really isn’t any other instrument that can do what the diode does as quickly and as bloodlessly. When I ask most dentists why they don’t have a diode laser in their operatory, it’s always the same answer: “I’m waiting for the price to come down.” Good news: That day has come. The affordable laser is here. You can now have a full-featured Picasso® Lite diode laser in your practice, without losing any sleep over what you paid for it. Whether you use it to clean up tissue prior to taking an impression or seating a crown, perform a gingivectomy next to Class V decay, or make the clinical crown length of tooth #8 match tooth #9, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without your Picasso Lite.