Dr. DiTolla’s Clinical Tips – GripStrip™

May 8, 2012


Shelton, Conn.

It would be impossible to practice modern adhesive dentistry without finishing strips, yet I haven’t seen many products to get excited about in the last few years. Enter GripStrip™ diamond-coated strips. Someone really smart over at Centrix realized how much easier it would be for dental professionals to control the use of metal finishing strips if there was a better way to hold onto them, and the perforated tabs at either end of these finishing and polishing strips solve that problem. There is an uncoated zone in the middle of each strip where there is no abrasive, allowing you to pull it through tight interproximal areas. Each strip also has a 40-micron grit side for finishing and a 15-micron grit side for polishing. It’s pretty much the perfect interproximal strip. Here’s hoping they come out with a serrated version for breaking through inadvertently fused contacts.