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Nancy, Intern

Research & Development

“First of all, I gained experience in the medical device industry. But I was also able to improve many of my personal skills, such as communicating more effectively, generating better data reports and working more efficiently to meet hard deadlines.

“I felt that this program was really unique in that it allowed all the interns to experience what it was like working in the medical device industry without feeling overwhelmed, but at the same time we were also able to experience what it was like working in a fast-moving business function as well.

“I learned that proper communication and teamwork between team members really affected if a work day was productive or not.

“I would definitely tell the incoming interns that it was a very good choice in deciding to come here. I would tell them to not be afraid to ask questions because everyone is willing to help them out. And if you take the effort to work hard, it will be a great learning experience where you will meet so many amazing people.”

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