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In 2006 we started Chairside® magazine to bring important clinical information to practicing dentists. Our goal was to help doctors improve clinical results and help lead their practices to better production efficiency. In 2010, we added a new magazine, Inclusive™, which aimed to provide these same benefits to dentists interested in the rapidly expanding field of dental implantology.

While we initially started these magazines to reach separate audiences, we currently live in an era where implant therapy has become so successful that it is now an integral part of restorative treatment planning. Today, most dentists are involved with implants in some way, whether that’s surgically, restoratively, or both. Suddenly, publishing two separate magazines for restorative and implant dentistry doesn’t seem to make much sense anymore.

Starting with this issue, we have decided to merge Inclusive with Chairside in order to reflect this evolution in modern dentistry. Our hope is to deliver a singular magazine that covers the various professional interests of our readers. Here at Glidewell Dental, we’ve always made it a point to share what we know with others, while continuously developing new materials, technologies and techniques that make dentistry easier, faster and more efficient for both patients and doctors. We will continue to pass along that information through our new version of Chairside.

As your partner in the advancement of oral health, we want to bring you valuable information concerning all aspects of your practice. Our newest version of Chairside is both balanced and practical. It’s full of engaging articles, clinical tips, information on practice management, cutting-edge techniques, and advice from seasoned professionals. This allows you to learn more about the subjects you care about, while also exposing you to new potential interests. No matter what your focus, we are confident that you’ll find useful information within the pages of this magazine.

Siamak Abai, DDS, MMedSc

With kind regards,

Siamak Abai, DDS, MMedSc
Editor-in-Chief, Clinical Editor

Chairside Magazine: Volume 12, Issue 1

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