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Dr. DiTolla’s Clinical Tips – ContacEZ® Serrated Dental Strips

Contact EZ Serrated Dental Strips


ContacEZ® Serrated Dental Strips


ContacEZ LLC
Vancouver, Wash.

Whether using self-etching resin cements or total-etch resin cements, I find it impossible to perform proper adhesive dentistry and leave no residual resin cement behind without a good set of serrated dental strips. ContacEZ® has two thicknesses of serrated dental strips to choose from: 0.035 mm ContacEZ Serrated Strip I and 0.065 mm ContacEZ Serrated Dental Strip II. The ultra-thin ContacEZ Serrated Strip I can be inserted into the interproximal spaces of veneers prior to light curing, while the heavy duty ContacEZ Serrated Strip II is useful for cutting and cleaning out hardened excess resin cement from interproximal spaces after final cementation. I suggest you get both to be prepared for everything from super-tight contacts to bonded-shut contacts. I wouldn’t consider bonding a veneer case without a set or two of these strips.

Chairside Magazine: Volume 6, Issue 3

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