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Dr. DiTolla’s Clinical Tips – Thornton Bridge & Implant Interdental Cleaners



Thornton Bridge & Implant Interdental Cleaners


Thornton International Inc.
Norwalk, Conn.

What took me so long to find these special-use, interproximal dental cleaners? I have been using Thornton 3-in-1 Floss for a long time to clean up excess cement because I love the spongy filament brush. But I have always complained that the plastic threader was not stiff enough to get through tight embrasures. Thornton Bridge & Implant Interdental Cleaners provide a stiffer version that can pretty much get in anywhere and feature a slightly larger, spongy filament brush. However, they do not have a floss section, so I always use Glide® floss (Proctor & Gamble; Cincinnati, Ohio) separately during cement cleanup.

Chairside Magazine: Volume 6, Issue 3

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