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Dr. Abai’s Clinical Tips – Clearfil Photo Core®



Clearfil Photo Core®


Kuraray America, Inc.
New York, N.Y.

Following standard procedure after a core buildup, I’ll go over the tooth and buildup area to finish my crown preparation. This probably only happens to me, but everything is going great until I hit the interface between the natural tooth and the core material. The moment my drill touches the core, it will zoom through the material and create a gash because the buildup material is much softer than dentin. I was fortunate years ago to be introduced to Clearfil Photo Core® buildup material. Clearfil Photo Core is unique in that, once cured, it has properties very similar to dentin. No more dings or gashes in the core material as you’re preparing the teeth. Better yet, it’s easy to handle, as it doesn’t stick to instruments; it’s strong, with a compressive strength of 334 MPa; and it cures completely to a depth of 9 mm in 20 seconds. This material has been a mainstay of my practice and a game changer for esthetic cases in need of core buildups.

Chairside Magazine: Volume 10, Issue 4

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