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Dr. Abai’s Clinical Tips – Almore Shimstock



Almore Shimstock


Almore International, Inc.
Beaverton, Ore.

How can something so simple be so useful in the dental field? When it comes to locating exactly which teeth hold during maximum intercuspation or centric occlusion while making adjustments on full-arch temporaries or final restorations, nothing beats having a few strips of shimstock handy during the procedure. Even on a single implant restoration where the patient has most or all of his natural dentition, the standard for me has been to keep the implant restoration out of occlusion by 8–12 microns. With the help of Almore shimstock, I can locate exactly which teeth are my occluding teeth and which teeth I am able to adjust in order to create the harmony I need while delivering my implant restorations. Articulating paper shows you where the contact is happening, but without the use of shimstock, I don’t know which teeth individually along the arch are occluding — pertinent information in getting the occlusion just right for the patient.

Chairside Magazine: Volume 10, Issue 4

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