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Dr. Abai’s Clinical Tips – NX3 Nexus® Third Generation



NX3 Nexus® Third Generation


Kerr Corporation
Orange, Calif.

There are a variety of stump shades that can stump you at the shade selection and cementation steps of anterior restorations. As the monolithic wave continues to wash over us, we move further away from PFM restorations in the esthetic zone. The caveat to this trend is that the stump shade can sometimes show through these restorations because of their greater translucency. For that, Kerr has created NX3 Nexus® Third Generation, a universal adhesive resin cement that is available in five shades: clear, white, yellow, bleach and white opaque. All in all, you have the option of using different shades to help match or block out the dentin or buildup shade of the natural tooth structure. The cements are dual-cure, giving the security of a self-cure system with the option of using light to spot-cure the margins for easier cleanup.

Chairside Magazine: Volume 10, Issue 4

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