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Dr. DiTolla’s Clinical Tips – Rapid-Glaze Diamond Polishing Paste

Rapid-Glaze Diamond Polishing Paste


Rapid-Glaze Diamond Polishing Paste


Yates-Motloid Inc.
Chicago, Ill.

Dentists often ask me about the best way to adjust and polish restorations. While protocols differ slightly for different materials, they all have a few things in common. Adjustments should be made with the finest grit diamond you have available. A coarse diamond will leave scratches that are almost impossible to remove, and even a medium grit bur can be challenging. Every polishing cup or wheel in the set should be used, and all visible scratches should be gone by the time you are finished using the last cup or wheel. That’s about all you need to do in the posterior. In the anterior, the high shine should be restored on any facial surfaces that were adjusted. In fact, I will often use Rapid-Glaze on a bristle brush at a slow speed on the facial surfaces of crowns even when I haven’t adjusted them. This is usually because some cement has stuck to the facial of the crown or veneer, or because the surface just doesn’t look shiny enough after using the last polishing cup or wheel. Whatever your technique, a final pass with Rapid-Glaze will add a nice luster to your restorations.

Chairside Magazine: Volume 7, Issue 4

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