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Provisional Revolution – May 2019


Provisional Revolution

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: simply replacing the word “temporary” with “provisional” will change your entire outlook on interim stage dentistry. Since I have made it my mission to revolutionize your thinking when it comes to provisionals, I’ve focused this month’s e-newsletter specifically on three-unit BioTemps® Provisional bridges. I detail techniques on how to best shape embrasures as well as how to choose the most acceptable candidate for pontic design.

By using BioTemps Provisionals, you make it easier to manage tissue, verify the restoration fits comfortably, confirm phonetics, provide durability and — most importantly — design a template for the final restoration. Check out the following videos to get tips and tricks that will help you better serve the patients in your daily practice.


Featured Content

Perfect Pontics for a 3-Unit Bridge

Shaping Bold Embrasures

Find out how to open bold embrasures so that the tissue properly rebounds during interim dentistry.

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Perfect Pontics for a Three-Unit Bridge

Perfect Pontics for a Three-Unit Bridge

Learn how to choose the best pontic design and why it’s important to clearly communicate your preference with the lab.

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Restoring the Posterior with a BioTemps® CAD Bridge

Restoring the Posterior
with a BioTemps CAD Bridge

Watch how you can use a BioTemps bridge to promote healing immediately after an extraction.

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Across the Chair

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