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Times Are Changin’ – July 2019

Times Are Changin’

Dentistry as we know it is changing rapidly. People are living longer, healthier lives; and for the most part, they’re keeping their teeth or restoring them with advanced technology. This has resulted in a patient base that could begin to overwhelm the available number of clinicians and licensed team members who can attend to their needs.

It is at this point that highly educated, professionally trained auxiliary staff members step up to the plate. In many areas there has been an increase in the scope of duties that are being performed by registered dental assistants (RDAs), certified dental assistants and dental hygienists. Recently, in California, as well as in many additional states, RDAs have been licensed under the dentist’s discretion to acquire intraoral digital scans for pre-treatment, removable appliances, orthodontics and indirect restorations. (These regulations vary by state or region, so check the duties your license allows before performing any scanning procedures.)

An accurate intraoral scan is the key element to a successful digital case. One way to capture these scans is by using the iTero Element® Intraoral Scanner, which is an integral part of the glidewell.io™ In-Office Solution. Its ease-of-use and effectiveness has been proven time and again by properly trained dental care professionals. Gather your teammates and enjoy the following video series that is designed to acquaint you with the basic functions and strategies of this leading-edge technology.

Class is now in session!

-Will Schmidt, RDA
Glidewell Dental Clinical Team

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