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Smiles in Transition – September 2019

Across the Chair Sept.

Smiles in Transition

By now, you probably know that Glidewell Dental provides state-of-the-art interim dentistry solutions with BioTemps® Provisionals. However, did you know that we also have long-term provisional options available with our exclusive Transition Crowns & Bridges®? Transition Crowns & Bridges are comprised of a monomer-free resin that is durably fabricated to withstand breakage and comes with a two-year replacement warranty. This strong transition option lasts 10 times longer than traditional provisionals and is indicated for complex cases involving bruxers, periodontal therapy, and much more.

Smile Transitions™ is another viable temporary option for patients as well. This full-arch cosmetic appliance is an affordable treatment alternative when patients are not quite ready to move forward with long-term restoration but want to reap some of the benefits. This slide-on appliance instantly transforms a smile and can quickly boost a patient’s confidence. Smile Transitions is also a template designed to show patients an accurate preview of permanent restorative work so they can decide on future long-term treatment options, or it can be used while undergoing stages of periodontal healing.

Check out the following resources and video to gain more insight into prescribing and integrating these temporary solutions into your daily practice.

-Will Schmidt, RDA
Glidewell Dental Clinical Team


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Transitional Dental Options

Transitional Dental Options

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Taking Excellent Impressions

Taking Excellent Impressions

Watch this video to learn how to take accurate, two-step diagnostic impressions when prescribing Smile Transitions.

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Smile Transitions Makeover

Smile Transitions™ Makeover

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