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Making the Right Impression – July 2017

I was always told that first impressions in life are the most important, but learned that final impressions in dentistry are what separate successful cases from remakes and reschedules. Clinicians go to great lengths to groom their preparations for the final impression stage. From cord retraction, profound hemostasis, compression capping, and finally the application of the putty and wash, care has been administered at every stage. It seems to go without saying that the selection or fabrication of the proper impression tray would be considered in the same meticulous manner. Contrary to this, I have often seen dentists simply utilize the tray that is handed to them without question or case evaluation. Here are a few examples of specific instances when a spot of pre-planning leads to predictably successful final impressions on that most important first try.

– Will Schmidt, RDA
Clinical Operatory Manager

Across the Chair

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