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Earning Patients’ Trust – June 2017

I recently presented live to registered dental assistants, dentists and office staff at the California Dental Association annual convention in Anaheim, California. One of the key points that I stressed was the importance of employing skilled and experienced registered dental assistants within the dental practice to optimize production and potential. I would like to keep that theme alive with the following informative videos and articles that detail successful treatment setup, essential products, and valuable methods to earn patient trust and acceptance.

– Will Schmidt, RDA
Clinical Operatory Manager


Assistant’s Corner: Providing Care and Earning Patients’ Trust

One of the challenges of dentistry is to provide quality care for patients while creating an atmosphere of comfort. As a dental assistant for over 14 years, it has become clear to me that individual staff members — as well as their ability to work together as a team — can make or break a practice.

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Chairside Live Episode 188: Before the Drill Hits the Tooth

In this episode of Chairside Live, I demonstrate how to prepare and set up for large cosmetic cases.

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Assistant’s Corner: The Essentials

After over 14 years as a dental assistant, I’m well aware that dentistry without organization is a recipe for disaster. The list that follows counts down 11 of my favorite essentials that I keep close by at all times — my secret to staying organized and stress-free.

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