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A New Bilayered Solution to Supersede the PFM – November 2017

November 2017


 A New Bilayered Solution to Supersede the PFM

“Obsidian® Fused to Metal is revolutionizing the dental industry and changing the way clinicians think about bilayered restorations. Why is this information important to assistants and staff members? Your patients are absolutely going to ask you about the restorations they’re slated to receive and the clinical reasons to select these specific products.

“At Glidewell Laboratories, we are so confident in the lifelike esthetics, high chip resistance, and the strength (more than four times that of feldspathic porcelain) of our Obsidian Fused to Metal restorations that we used a sledgehammer to test Obsidian samples against leading PFM brands. In fact, the next time you walk the vendor hall at a dental convention, stop by the Glidewell booth, and see the test for yourself with our live demonstration hammer. This is certainly data that can be presented to concerned patients, when beauty coupled with strength is a priority. Enjoy the following videos, where you’ll hear Dr. Justin Chi detail the Obsidian Fused to Metal revolution and Dr. Anamaria Muresan walk through a multifaceted treatment.”

– Will Schmidt, RDA
Clinical Operatory Manager


Feature Videos

 CSL 211

Reinventing the PFM
Dr. Justin Chi details how Obsidian® Fused to Metal outperforms traditional PFMs.

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CSL 209

Crossbite Correction for
a 3-Unit Bridge

Dr. Anamaria Muresan uses minimally invasive orthodontics to make room for an Obsidian bridge.

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Across the Chair

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