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The Guide-Well Technique and Other Tips for Delivering BioTemps® – September 2017

One of my main duties at Glidewell Laboratories is to assist in the development of products that are more predictable and efficient to administer. BioTemps® Provisionals have been an especially hot topic for me as a registered dental assistant to streamline the process from beginning to end. In order to nail down and expedite my own BioTemps reline and seating procedure, I request them to accompany every case that my doctor is preparing in the operatory, no matter the difficulty level. Let’s face it, for a prefabricated provisional to do its job and be worth the effort, it absolutely must be simpler to construct and more esthetic in appearance than a chairside fabricated temporary that is based upon a preliminary impression. Doctors and assistants may benefit from the following videos where I detail stent-assisted BioTemps fitting techniques as well as officially present our fast stent-assisted placement steps … or as I like to call it, the BioTemps Guide-Well technique.

– Will Schmidt, RDA
Clinical Operatory Manager


Restoring & Protecting the Anterior

Strategies for treating trauma in the anterior.

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Fast Stent-Assisted Delivery of BioTemps

A predictable protocol for delivering BioTemps Provisionals.

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Digitally Designing an Obsidian® Onlay

Treating a failing amalgam and cusp fracture with an onlay.

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Across the Chair

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