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Dr. Abai’s Clinical Tips – ViscoStat® Clear

Dr. Abai’s Clinical Tips - ViscoStat® Clear


ViscoStat® Clear


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Hemostasis in the esthetic zone has always been a touchy subject. Areas where tissue management is key in achieving the ultimate esthetic results need all of the special care we can provide, and with ViscoStat® Clear I have a decisive way to keep bleeding to a minimum while leaving no coagulum or residue behind. When I’ve used some products containing ferric sulfate, I’ve experienced necrosis of the soft tissue and residual staining of the tissue and teeth. ViscoStat Clear, however, keeps the soft tissue and teeth free of stains. Plus, while I’ve come across bonding issues after using ferric sulfate-based products, ViscoStat Clear doesn’t get in the way of bonding to dentin or enamel. With bleeding controlled, the stage is set for a successful esthetic outcome.

Chairside Magazine: Volume 11, Issue 2

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