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Dr. DiTolla’s Clinical Tip – Triodent V4 ClearMetal Matrix™



Triodent V4 ClearMetal Matrix™


Ultradent Products, Inc.
South Jordan, Utah

Ultradent and Triodent make a great team because they have both always solved age-old problems with innovation that’s easy for dentists to understand. Sectional matrices were a boon for dentists because they provided us with a technique for creating solid proximal contacts with composite, a material too soft to be condensed against a matrix reliably. The next obstacle was curing to the deepest portion of the proximal box if you bulk-filled because you couldn’t cure through a metal matrix. Enter the Triodent V4 ClearMetal Matrix System’s ClearMetal Matrix™. I’m not sure how they were able to manufacture a matrix this small with hundreds of even smaller clear resin-filled holes to let light pass through, but it’s a great bit of technology that makes bulk-filled Class II composites even more efficient.

Chairside Magazine: Volume 8, Issue 3

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