Dr. DiTolla’s Clinical Tips – NV MicroLaser™

April 30, 2010
NV MicroLaser™ cover image

NV MicroLaser™

Discus Dental
Culver City, Calif.

I am happy to report that yet another one of my favorite products has gone cordless. To me, cordless is about more than convenience; many times it determines whether a dentist uses the technology or lets it collect dust, especially when it comes to using it in multiple operatories. The NV MicroLaser™, manufactured by Zap Lasers and distributed by Discus Dental, is miraculously small when compared to the size of my old diode laser, which is the size of a shoebox. The NV MicroLaser weighs only 1.9 ounces and measures just 0.6 inches in the section where you hold it. Even better, the NV MicroLaser has done away with the need for a fiber-management system with the introduction of disposable cutting fibers that snap onto the laser body. With presets for all common laser procedures and a look and feel that would make Steve Jobs jealous, the NV MicroLaser would seem to be the prototype for all diodes to come.