Dr. DiTolla’s Patient Product Review

April 30, 2010
Michael DiTolla, DDS, FAGD
Dr. DiTolla’s Patient Product Review

You don’t have to be in dental practice too long to realize that men and floss don’t mix. I always laugh as I walk by and hear my dental assistant say, “Alright, Mark, let me show you how to use the floss threader for cleaning under your new bridge.” Those might be the most wasted words in the English language. If an assistant talks and the patient doesn’t hear it, did she really make a sound? Why is it we can give the patient three floss threaders, and a year later when we ask him if he needs any more he says he still has them. Really? After a year? Are you putting them in the dishwasher? Having them dry-cleaned? Or perhaps you never used them in the first place!

Getting any male to floss is a tricky deal. You really need to catch males while they are young, say around 13, and let them know that chicks dig guys who floss. Drop some floss in the pocket distal to tooth #2 or tooth #15, and then hold it under his nose and let him smell some anaerobes. Inform him that if a girl ever were to smell that, the entire school would know about it in about 90 seconds. Floss every day, and it goes away.

But for men who are out of adolescence, there is a need to make floss a little more exciting. With every baby boomer being told to eat steel-cut oatmeal with fresh fruit for breakfast, here’s a way to kill two birds with one stone: delicious breakfast dental floss. Bacon, waffles and coffee? Either I’m watching an episode of “Mad Men” or I’m using that great new floss my dentist recommended! Go to accoutrements.com and let the people who brought you Inflatable Turkey improve the periodontal health of your male patients.

Breakfast Floss from Accoutrements®, LLC. For more information, call 800-886-2221 or visit accoutrements.com.