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I’m Dr. Jack Hahn. I’ve been editor-in-chief of Inclusive™ magazine for over a year now. While a lot can change in 12 months, our mission in presenting innovations and treatment protocols that benefit the patient as well as the practitioner remains the same. In a continuation of that effort, this issue features a wide range of products and techniques that can improve your patients’ lives and help your practice thrive.

Dr. Natalie Wong, founder of the Toronto Implant Institute, has made a name for herself as a clinician and educator by emphasizing the use of state-of-the-art technology to improve treatment outcomes for patients. In our featured Q&A, she explains how the latest digital tools can be used to simplify the surgical placement of implants and create more predictable and esthetic results.

Implant design innovations have also helped make treatment more accessible. I’ve placed a great deal of dental implants over the decades, and I’m proud to say that the new Hahn™ Tapered Implant offers the most stability and control I’ve ever experienced. An article by Dr. Timothy Kosinski and another by Dr. Paresh Patel showcase how well this implant performs in cases of immediate extraction and implantation. As someone who does a lot of “emergency” implants, I’m glad to have these in my armamentarium, and not just because my name is on them.

Implant prosthetics have come a long way as well, affording many choices to the edentulous patient looking for more stability and function than a traditional denture can offer. For those who upgrade to a fixed restoration, there are several outstanding options. In one article, Dr. Ara Nazarian demonstrates how a full-arch prosthesis can be cemented into place over custom abutments. In another, I present several cases in which the screw-retained BruxZir® Full-Arch Implant Prosthesis is delivered over Hahn Tapered Implants.

These are exciting times in implant dentistry. We can now envision the final outcome before treatment begins and achieve that result with a great amount of confidence. We hope to play a part in making your vision a reality, and welcome your feedback as always. Thanks for reading.

With kind regards,

Dr. Jack Hahn
Editor-in-Chief, Clinical Editor

Inclusive Magazine: Volume 6, Issue 3

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