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By the Numbers: Sleep-Disordered Breathing and Dental Sleep Medicine

According to the American Sleep Apnea Association, approximately 22 million Americans suffer from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), and an estimated 80 percent of OSA cases are undiagnosed.1 Dentists have the opportunity to help address this problem by screening for sleep-disordered breathing and providing treatment with oral appliances in the dental practice.


Approximate percentage of adult women who are habitual snorers


Approximate percentage of adult men who are habitual snorers

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$3.4 billion

Additional medical costs in the U.S. that may be caused by undiagnosed moderate to severe sleep apnea in middle-aged adults

936 million

Estimated number of people with sleep apnea worldwide

Source: Sleep Review: The journal for sleep specialists [internet]. Leawood (KS): Anthem Systems; c2019. Nearly 1 Billion People Worldwide Have Sleep Apnea, International Sleep Experts Estimate. 2018 May 22 [cited 2019 Feb 4]. Available from: https://www.sleepreviewmag.com/2018/05/nearly-1-billion-people-worldwide-sleep-apnea-international-sleep-experts-estimate/.


Percentage increase in upper airway capacity that can be created with the use of mandibular advancement devices

Source: ResMed: Changing lives with every breath [internet]. San Diego: ResMed Corp; c2000-2019. Sleep Apnea Facts and Figures; 2013 [cited 2019 Feb 4]; [2 p.]. Available from: https://www.resmed.com/us/dam/documents/products/dental/Narval-CC/facts-and-figures/1015527r3_narval-cc-mrd_facts-and-figures_amer_eng.pdf.

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