Information Technology

Glidewell is synonymous with innovation, as the business literally started in a dining room and now continually creates concepts and products never before seen in our industry. We’ve never lost that hunger and startup mentality with which we started. With all of our products being produced in-house and more exciting technology projects in the works, our Information Technology department plays a crucial role in our company’s continued expansion in the dental technology and medical device markets. In our constant effort to cultivate unique and innovative ideas, we are always seeking the brightest and most qualified candidates to join our IT team. Do you have, or wish to gain, essential expertise in cloud-based solutions, Neo4j, Docker, C#, Java and JavaScript, AngularJS, Scala, deep learning and C++? Maybe you’re a talented software engineer who understands the science of software and loves the concept of taking an idea and turning it into new technology. From software development to day-to-day IT operations, we have many exciting, challenging job opportunities available in the fields of IT operations, information security and software engineering.

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