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Research & Development

President/CEO Jim Glidewell’s long-term commitment to funding ideas has enabled the Research and Development department to employ state-of-the-art tools, technologies and facilities, achieving continual dental laboratory science breakthroughs that benefit both dental professionals and the general population they serve. Our comprehensive R&D department is made up of scientists, chemists, engineers, Certified Dental Technicians (CDTs), Master Dental Technicians (MDTs) and dentist clinicians. Using the latest scientific materials knowledge and advanced analytical equipment, this experienced team works daily to devise, implement and validate products and processes, pushing the envelope of what we know to be possible. New products are clinically tested in our on-site dental operatory before they’re released for beta testing. This dynamic, ever-evolving department has a variety of postdoctoral, associate research scientist and principal scientist job opportunities available. Recent graduates will be able to apply their academic engineering knowledge learned in school to solve real-world engineering and R&D problems. They gain teamwork skills, project-coordination savvy and hands-on research experience while working with a very diverse group. Seasoned veterans will have the opportunity to work within an R&D department that is doing cutting-edge research in advanced nanotechnologies, ceramics, zirconia, glass and polymers for dental applications.

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