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As a dental industry leader, Glidewell is committed to developing new, better products and services while rooting out inefficiencies in terms of equipment and techniques. Digital manufacturing, automation, robotics, CAD software, artificial intelligence/machine learning, 3-D printing, and CNC machining/programming are just some examples of the types of cutting-edge technology our teams of engineers utilize every day in their efforts to design, analyze and manufacture products that improve quality while increasing affordability. Encompassing a wide range of engineering disciplines, our experienced teams provide engineering and technical support to our R&D and Manufacturing departments. Together they work to continuously improve operations in an FDA-regulated, ISO 13485 certified environment. Many of our engineers work in our state-of-the-art Implants division, which handles everything from parts manufacturing to final restorations. With all of our products produced in-house, and many engineering and technology products in development, we have several exciting job opportunities available in the fields of manufacturing engineering, sustaining engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering.

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