At Glidewell, we understand that product development is more than just devising ideas and bringing them to market. It also involves constant analysis to see where the industry is headed. Our sheer volume of production allows us to recognize the growth and decline of specific products, providing us unique and timely insight into evolving consumer demands. We also closely monitor our customer feedback and project industry trends. Our in-house Marketing department handles much of this work. This fast-paced, project-based department includes print, video and web teams, as well as printing and production capabilities. Our creative personnel work not just to advertise our vast assortment of products and services, but also to further our commitment to clinical knowledge by offering continuing education programs, along with free online videos and training courses, and by producing our own dental industry magazines. This department has a constant need for content writing, which is handled by our skilled team of marketing copywriters. From researching, compiling, writing and editing dental-industry subject matter to explaining scientific and technical ideas in simple terms, our marketing copywriters produce copy for our print, broadcast and online platforms to promote company products and services, as well as to ensure operational consistency among all departments companywide.

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