Dr. DiTolla’s Clinical Tips – Porcelain Adjusting & Polishing Set

February 9, 2010
Dr. DiTolla's Clinical Tips – Porcelain Adjusting & Polishing Set

Porcelain Adjusting & Polishing Set

Axis Dental
Coppell, Texas

It might be the most common question I get from dentists: What is the best way to adjust and polish ceramic materials? It started me down a long path of testing and retesting different burs and polishing methods. I tried adjusting with carbide burs, as I was taught, and then tried a myriad of diamond grits as well, observing the roughness of the surface under magnification. Finally, I would test the polishers to see which ones most effectively removed the scratches and restored a high shine. The winners are in the Porcelain Adjusting & Polishing Set! The fine grit diamonds reshape porcelain without destroying it, and the diamond-impregnated polishers are highly effective at smoothing the surface to be kind to opposing dentition.