Dr. DiTolla’s Clinical Tips – PFG Light

February 9, 2010
Dr. DiTollaâ  s Clinical Tips â   PFG Light

PFG Light

Steven’s Pharmacy
Costa Mesa, Calif.

I have written before about PFG gel, and how it has allowed me to do lots of gingival recontouring and other soft tissue procedures without the need for local anesthesia. It has also allowed me to virtually eliminate lower blocks from my day-to-day practice. What I didn’t realize was that PFG gel also comes in a Light version that is a perfect pre-injection topical anytime it is being placed in the vestibule or on unattached gingiva.

It’s not that PFG Light works better than regular PFG gel; it’s the fact that it works just as well with half the strength of ingredients! Anytime we can achieve the same clinical results with half the medication, it is a step in the right direction. On attached gingiva I still use the regular PFG gel for things such as my Rapid Anesthesia Technique, packing cord on the palatal and minor laser recontouring of gingiva. For uses on unattached gingiva, such as a pre-injection topical for maxillary teeth or lower blocks, to numb oral ulcers or to remove sutures, I use PFG Light.

Do your patients a favor and strive for completely painless dentistry!