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Research and Development

President/CEO Jim Glidewell’s long-term commitment to funding ideas has enabled the Glidewell Laboratories Research and Development department to employ state-of-the-art tools, technologies and facilities, achieving continual dental laboratory science breakthroughs that benefit both dental professionals and the general population they serve. Our comprehensive R&D department is made up of scientists, chemists, engineers, Certified Dental Technicians (CDTs), Master Dental Technicians (MDTs) and dentist clinicians. Using the latest scientific materials knowledge and advanced analytical equipment, this experienced team works daily to devise, implement and validate products and processes, pushing the envelope of what we know to be possible. New products are clinically tested in our on-site dental operatory, proving themselves before they are ever released for beta testing. This dynamic, ever-evolving department has a variety of postdoctoral and associate research scientist and principal scientist job opportunities available. Recent graduates will be able to apply their academic engineering knowledge learned in school to solve real-world engineering and R&D problems, gaining teamwork skills, project-coordination savvy and hands-on research experience while working with a very diverse group. Seasoned veterans will have the opportunity to work within an R&D department that is doing cutting-edge research in advanced nanotechnologies, ceramics, zirconia, glass and polymers for dental applications.

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As a dental industry leader, Glidewell Laboratories is committed to staying at the forefront of dental technology. Developing newer, better products and services while rooting out inefficiencies in terms of equipment and techniques, we continually work toward improving quality while increasing affordability. Digital manufacturing, automation, robotics, CAD software, artificial intelligence/machine learning, 3-D printing and CNC machining/programming are just some examples of the types of cutting-edge technology our teams of engineers utilize every day in their efforts to design, analyze and manufacture products for today’s most progressive dental applications. Encompassing a wide range of engineering disciplines, our experienced engineering teams provide engineering and technical support to our Research and Development and Manufacturing departments. Together they work to continuously improve operations related to ongoing and new product production in an FDA regulated, ISO 13485 certified environment. Many of our engineers work in our state-of-the-art Implants division, which handles everything from parts manufacturing to final restorations. These engineers boast years of dental implant industry experience, and the machines they use are the very best available. With all of our products produced in-house and more exciting engineering and technology products in development, we have many exciting job opportunities available in the fields of manufacturing engineering, sustaining engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering.

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Information Technology

Glidewell Laboratories is synonymous with innovation. We are a group that started in a garage, creating concepts and products never before seen in our industry. We are now the global leader in dental technology with a history of delivering award-winning products to the marketplace because we’ve never lost that hunger and startup mentality with which we started. With all of our products being produced in-house and more exciting technology projects in the works, our Information Technology department plays a crucial role in our company’s continued expansion in the dental technology and medical device markets. In our constant effort to cultivate unique and innovative ideas, we are continually seeking the brightest and most qualified candidates to join our IT team. Do you have or wish to gain essential expertise in cloud-based solutions, Neo4j, Docker, C#, Java and JavaScript, AngularJS, Scala, deep learning and C++? Maybe you’re a talented software engineer who understands the science of software and loves the concept of taking an idea and turning it into new technology. From software development to day-to-day IT operations, we have many exciting, challenging job opportunities available in the fields of IT operations, information security and software engineering.

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As an international family of labs that specializes in crown & bridge, ceramic, removable full and partial dentures, dental implants, and full-cast restorations, what allows Glidewell Laboratories to be so expansive? Over the past four decades, we’ve learned that the key to keeping prices low is to reduce costs wherever possible. Through vertical integration — that is, by controlling everything in-house — we eliminate vendor markups that would otherwise get passed on to dentists and their patients. Our maintenance and construction teams have an important place in this vertical integration structure. These teams comprise workers who are experienced in various construction trades, including carpentry, electrical, painting, drywall, plumbing, metal construction and hardware installation, HVAC and refrigeration, and mechanical maintenance. Members of the Maintenance/Facilities department perform a variety of general labor in a primarily manufacturing environment, including remodels, repairs, installations and demolitions of walls, workstations, cabinets, drawers, countertops and doors within the company’s buildings and workshop. Reliability, dependability, timeliness, accuracy, flexibility and problem-solving ability are highly valued within this department.

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Regulatory Affairs/Quality Assurance

Glidewell Laboratories proudly produces all of its dental products in-house and has more exciting products on the way. But bringing medical products and devices to market is a very complex process. Our Regulatory Affairs department works to make sure this process goes as smoothly as possible, safeguarding the way for our company’s continued expansion in the medical device market. This crucial department ensures that the company operates according to the established quality system to provide products that meet customer requirements and maintain compliance with regulatory agencies in accordance with state, federal and international laws. Our Regulatory Affairs Specialists handle various RA duties, including preparing product submissions, creating documentation and evaluating design changes for effects on regulatory filings. They are experienced working with FDA (510k) and international (CE, CMCDS) submissions, ISO 13485 standards, CE marking, standard operating procedures (SOPs), U.S. Medical Device Reporting (MDR) preparation, technical reports and certifications from regulatory agencies, and audit plans and reports. Our Quality Assurance Specialists are responsible for facilitating continuous quality improvements in compliance with the company’s quality systems. They handle a variety of good manufacturing practice (GMP) documentations, including complaint files, complaint processing systems, investigations and closures, corrective actions and preventive actions (CAPA), and product investigations. Strong analytical decision-making and problem-solving skills are highly valued in this busy, growing department.

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Marketing (Copywriting/Technical Writing)

At Glidewell Laboratories, we understand that product development is more than just devising ideas and bringing them to market. It also involves constant analysis to see where the industry is headed. Our sheer volume of production allows us to recognize the growth and decline of specific products, providing us unique and timely insight into evolving consumer demands. We also closely monitor our customer feedback and project industry trends. Our in-house Marketing department handles much of this work. This fast-paced, project-based department includes print, video and web services, as well as printing and binding capabilities. Our creative personnel work not just to advertise our vast assortment of products and services, but also to further our commitment to clinical knowledge by offering continuing education programs along with free online videos and training courses, and producing our own dental industry magazines. This department has the constant need for content writing, which is handled by our skilled team of marketing copywriters and technical writers. From researching, compiling, writing and editing dental industry subject matter to explaining scientific and technical ideas in simple terms, our marketing copywriters produce copy for our print, broadcast and online platforms to promote company products and services. Working with subject matter experts (SMEs), our technical writers develop and document standard operating procedures (SOPs) and other technical documents to ensure operational consistency among all departments companywide.

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Customer Service/Technical Advising

Glidewell Laboratories is a large mail-order lab that nevertheless believes in the importance of personal relationships, maintained through advanced communications and the unwavering commitment of our Customer Service and Technical Advisor teams. We remain adaptable, embracing and pioneering new technologies that favor dentists and their patients, even if it means making adjustments to our bottom line or devising expanded service offerings. We process thousands of units each day, yet haven’t lost the artist’s touch wherever it is needed. Our Customer Service Representatives and Technical Advisors serve as our liaisons between the customer and the lab, performing a variety of general office tasks along with administrative and department support duties; providing assistance to all customer requests; and promoting the company’s products and services. Success in this department is reliant upon prompt, effective communication with customers, colleagues, dental technicians and managers, as well as in-depth knowledge of the technical aspects of all Glidewell products and services. Our Technical Advisors use their extensive technical knowledge to evaluate customer cases and advise doctors on which product is best for their particular case. By soliciting, listening to and reporting on customer needs and feedback, and always striving to exceed customer expectations, these invaluable team members help our company build customer confidence and commitment, ensuring customer retention and satisfaction.

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Learning and Development

The Learning and Development department at Glidewell Laboratories was created in recognition of the vital role our employees play in the company’s success and continued growth. This high-impact department manages, innovates, improves and implements learning activities for employees in accordance with the lab’s commitment to improving individual and organizational performance. With a focus on leadership and managerial competencies, the department’s members develop and maintain a leadership-based curriculum and several business management programs for eligible employees. Notable among these is the LEAD (Leadership Experience and Development) Program, an eight-month program for selected Glidewell managers, supervisors and team leads designed to develop them to be exceptional leaders within their fields by providing additional learning experiences for leadership and management growth. Other programs include the High Potential Program, a four-month program held at the Glidewell International Technology Center that offers nonmanagerial and nonsupervisory employees who desire to pursue a managerial track the education, tools and ability to lead, supervise and manage; and the Glidewell Institute of Management, which equips eligible employees with tools to increase their productivity, financial literacy and ability to manage confidently. Members of our Learning and Development department have experience and/or specialized training in organizational/training development, adult learning/training, instructional design and related fields.

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Lab Operations

Glidewell Laboratories is an industry trailblazer thanks to our innovative dental technology, experienced R&D department and dedication to providing free or affordable clinical and technical education. Our company culture embraces open-forum discussions and encourages the sharing of ideas and collaboration, enabling the creating of countless new technologies and materials. Playing a significant role in our company’s continued success is our Lab Operations department. This busy department guides the activities involved in the lab’s day-to-day functions to ensure all lab processes run smoothly and the lab remains profitable. Members of this department work cross-functionally with other departments to optimize internal procedures, systems and processes in support of lean operations, helping us cut our costs, increase our productivity and meet the changing demands of our customers.

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