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Confidence in Veneers: Choosing the Right Material to Eliminate Spaces and Outlast Clenching

Confidence in Veneers: Choosing the Right Material to Eliminate Spaces and Outlast Clenching
Anamaria Muresan, DMD, ME, CDT

article by Anamaria Muresan, DMD, ME, CDT


Among the variety of services that I provide as a general dentist, cosmetic dentistry is a personal favorite. Every case represents exciting challenges and dynamic new skills to master.

Moreover, with proper planning comes dramatic results, as one phase of treatment complements the next. A smile improved with veneers might be further enhanced with lip augmentation, just as gingival recontouring can balance the new shape and dimensions of veneers.

Meeting and exceeding the patient’s expectations depends upon your ability — and willingness — to listen to your patient’s concerns and desires. In the case highlighted here, Matthew, our patient, was self-conscious about the spaces between his maxillary anterior teeth, and he specifically wanted veneers. He had seen the results of a colleague’s veneer case and hoped to improve his own smile in similar fashion.

Initial diagnosis of Matthew’s oral health showed multiple wear facets, evidence of a clenching habit. In addition, there was enamel damage in the anterior, which had resulted from habitually chewing on lemon slices. Orthodontic treatment was considered, and elimination of the spaces between the maxillary anterior teeth could have been achieved with Invisalign® treatment (Align Technology, Inc.; San Jose, Calif.). However, an orthodontic treatment plan was not of interest to Matthew.

With veneers as Matthew’s chosen treatment, proper material selection was paramount to ensure the restorations would be both esthetic and strong enough to withstand clenching.

Fortunately, BruxZir® Anterior Solid Zirconia delivers more than just optimal translucency. Featuring high-performing strength that has been validated in numerous clinical studies, BruxZir zirconia is ideally suited for demanding cases like this one. From prescription to delivery, I was confident these BruxZir Anterior veneers would still be in service — and have day-one–type esthetics — years down the road, despite the patient’s parafunctional habits.

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Chairside Magazine: Volume 12, Issue 2

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