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Full-Mouth Rehabilitation with BruxZir® Full-Strength and BruxZir Anterior

David A. Resnick, DDS

article by David A. Resnick, DDS


BruxZir® Solid Zirconia has always served my patients well, but for many years I used it exclusively in the posterior, where the exceptional durability of BruxZir Full-Strength is ideal for withstanding parafunctional forces. Since the release of BruxZir Anterior in 2015, I’ve been able to deploy monolithic zirconia throughout the mouth and achieve the lifelike restorations needed for cases in the esthetic zone. In addition to its esthetic advantages, BruxZir Anterior exhibits an average flexural strength of 650 MPa, and I’ve yet to encounter a single fracture with restorations produced from either material.

The following case study highlights how BruxZir Solid Zirconia offers an effective solution for both the anterior and posterior regions of the mouth. A straightforward protocol for full-mouth rehabilitation is described, illustrating how today’s restorative materials and CAD/CAM technology can be used to develop the optimal restorative design for patients confronted by significant functional and esthetic concerns.

Case Report:

The patient visited my office seeking treatment for teeth suffering from attrition, loss of VDO and significant sensitivity due to severe bruxism. The condition of the patient’s teeth was causing extreme discomfort and, as a business executive who frequently interacts with the public, he had esthetic concerns with his worn-down dentition. Preliminary impressions were taken so that BioTemps® Provisionals (Glidewell Laboratories; Newport Beach, Calif.) could be fabricated prior to treatment. When the patient returned for final impressions, the teeth were prepared and the BioTemps Provisionals were fitted and modified to establish proper form, function and VDO. Full-arch impressions were submitted to the lab, which used CAD/CAM software to incorporate the alterations made to the BioTemps crowns into the final restorative designs. BruxZir Full-Strength restorations were fabricated for the posterior, while BruxZir Anterior crowns were produced for teeth #22–27 and #5–12, providing a combination of strength and esthetics that was ideal for the patient.


I’ve been utilizing BruxZir Solid Zirconia for many years, and the quality and consistency of restorations produced from this durable material have been excellent. With options available for both the posterior and anterior regions of the mouth, this versatile material can be used to provide a high-strength, esthetic solution for virtually any case, from single-unit crowns to full-mouth reconstructions.

Chairside Magazine: Volume 12, Issue 2

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