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By the Numbers: Digital Impressions and In-Office Milling

Market Insights


Dental laboratory respondents who said their dentist-clients are “interested” or “somewhat interested” in digital impressions


Dental laboratories that claim the ability to accept digital impressions

Source: Marsico M. 5 Trends on the Dentist’s Mind. LMT Magazine [internet]. 2015 Mar 24 [cited 2018 Mar 1]. Available from: https://lmtmag.com/articles/5-trends-on-the-dentist-s-mind.


In a survey conducted by Futuredontics® and published in 2016, dentists reported that patients have a high awareness of and desire for single-visit crown services, signifying a market opportunity for practices that adopt technologies to enable same-visit restorations.


Dental professionals surveyed who said their patients asked them about CAD/CAM technologies


Dental professionals surveyed who said CAD/CAM technologies had the greatest positive impact on their patients’ comfort and convenience — the highest percentage of all their adopted technologies


Dental professionals surveyed who attributed specific loss of patients to the absence of CAD/CAM technologies in their office


Respondents who cited cost as the No. 1 reason for not using a dental technology, such as CAD/CAM

Source: Futuredontics. Advanced Dental Technology: Perception vs Reality [internet]. 2016 Jul [cited 2018 Mar 1]. Available from: https://www.dds1800.com/TechReport/.
Chairside Magazine: Volume 13, Issue 1

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