A Great First Impression: A fastscan.io Scanning Solution Clinic Report

May 30, 2023
Joshua Prentice, DDS image
Joshua Prentice, DDS
A Great First Impression: A fastscan.io™ Scanning Solution Clinic Report

When I was in the market for an additional scanner to meet the demands of my growing practice, I knew that the fastscan.io™ Scanning Solution would make a great addition to my digital workflow. With an affordable price, excellent support and seamless integration with my fastmill.io™ In-Office Mill units, fastscan.io proved to be exactly what I was looking for. What follows is my own experience using this intraoral scanner regularly in my restorative practice and how it can benefit clinicians no matter where they are on their digital dentistry journey. 

Fastscan.io Scanning Solution

The fastscan.io Scanning Solution connects seamlessly with my glidewell.io™ In-Office Solution system. Having a direct connection to Glidewell makes my workflow simpler and faster than ever.


Out of the box, the device feels great to handle. It’s noticeably lighter than any scanner I’ve owned in the past and has an ergonomic design that feels comfortable in the hand. I chose the wireless version for the added portability, and I love the fact that on one charge I can get a full day of use. If I forget to charge the battery at the end of the day, in the morning I can swap it out with one of the two extra rechargeable batteries included with the scanner. The imaging software automatically pieces together different parts of the mouth into a single scan, giving me flexibility to scan from any angle. If I’m interrupted during a scan, I can pick up from the region I left off without having to retrace my steps. Thanks to its high-speed 70 FPS camera tip, I can easily complete a full-arch scan in less than a minute, creating a full-color digital impression of the mouth with all the details needed for a perfect restoration. In fact, the fastscan.io Scanning Solution is so intuitive that my team is empowered with the ability to take digital impressions for me. Even with minimal training, they get a great scan every time.

Dentist using the fastscan.io Scanning Solution on patient

Intuitive software makes the scanning process remarkably easy to learn.


When considering new equipment for my practice, the amount of training and support included with the product plays a vital role in my decision. And with fastscan.io, the amount of assistance available to me was impressive. From setting up the device to troubleshooting the cart and computer, the Customer Technical Support team at Glidewell was available via text, chat, email or phone to provide assistance if needed. Clinicians who might be hesitant about the learning curve of new technology can also take advantage of a free one-on-one virtual training session with a Glidewell representative. When I had issues with previous scanners in the past, asking for help meant having to navigate automated customer service systems or overseas call centers. Knowing that fastscan.io is backed by support from actual Glidewell technicians gives it a tremendous advantage over other scanners.

Dr. Prentice and patient

Knowing that I can contact a Glidewell Customer Technical Support team member for assistance is invaluable.


For its combination of quality and value, there’s no other option available on the market that matches what fastscan.io delivers. Having no subscription or licensing fees makes it attractive to any dentist, and the fact that it comes bundled with a portable cart and laptop makes it an especially great starting point for newcomers to digital dentistry. But the real value is in the long-term savings I get by sending cases digitally with fastscan.io: Glidewell offers $20 savings per unit on all-ceramic model-less restorations and $40 per unit on screw-retained crowns and custom implant abutments. In addition, I only pay a one-way shipping fee, saving me $9 versus cases requiring a physical impression. Considering how much money I’ve saved in the past six months with fastscan.io, the scanner practically pays for itself.

Monitor of full-color scans

The ability to work with full-color scans gives fastscan.io a big advantage over any intraoral scanner I’ve used before.


The fastscan.io Scanning Solution comes installed with a range of proprietary Medit® apps (Medit Corporation; Seoul, Republic of Korea) that prove useful in a clinical setting. Smile Design and Ortho Simulation can show patients what their future smile could look like with treatment, while Medit Analysis can be used to conduct model-less digital restoration fitting tests. But my favorite feature of the fastscan.io Scanning Solution is the ability to export scans in full color. Designing a crown without color, like I used to with my previous scanner, can be a challenge because it’s harder to accurately mark where the edge of the restoration should be. Because fastscan.io renders scans in a vivid color gradient that highlights every tooth’s unique morphology, it’s easier to find discrepancies in the scan — simplifying the design stage. The clinical benefit is better margins, a better fit, and higher quality restorations for the patient with fewer adjustments. In fact, I used fastscan.io on 50 cases during my first month and only had to make two adjustments.

Wireless version of the fastscan.io Scanning Solution

I chose the wireless version of the fastscan.io Scanning Solution for added portability and convenience.


When it comes to using a digital workflow with the glidewell.io In-Office Solution, I’m all in. The benefits of glidewell.io have been so tremendous that I even added two more fastmill.io In-Office Mill units to my practice. From designing crowns with the fastdesign.io™ Software and Design Station to milling my own same-visit crowns with the fastmill.io, the fastscan.io Scanning Solution is the last piece of the puzzle to make my glidewell.io workflow as simple and seamless as possible. But doctors who want the flexibility to choose their digital workflow from a variety of leading manufacturers can also benefit from owning fastscan.io. Thanks to an open system design, the scanner is compatible with virtually all major software and hardware used in a clinical setting. Although I recommend using Glidewell’s digital savings, doctors do have the freedom to send cases to their lab of choice.

Dr. Joshua Prentice with the fastscan.io Scanning Solution

The fastscan.io Scanning Solution outperforms its competitors at a fraction of the cost.


Any restorative-driven practice will benefit from the accuracy and precision offered by the fastscan.io Scanning Solution. And at a fraction of the price of other scanners on the market, it’s a great way to start your digital dentistry journey or optimize your practice with an additional scanner. It’s easy to use and comes with great support. Plus, with the potential for long-term savings by sending digital impressions to Glidewell, I would recommend the fastscan.io Scanning Solution as a great addition to any practice.