Product Spotlight: Multi-Level Surgical Guide and Glidewell Chairside EMA® Kit

May 30, 2023
Multi-Leven Surgical guide

The Glidewell Digital Treatment Planning (DTP) team is pleased to announce the addition of multi-level surgical guides to its line of surgical guide services. This new full-arch guide is designed to be a safe, fast and easy-to-use solution for bone reduction, surgically guided implant placement and the delivery of an immediate screw-retained provisional implant prosthesis. Using a combination of customized surgical components specially fabricated for each case, doctors are guided through each step of the full-arch surgical procedure.

Doctors will be able to select from three multi-level surgical guide packages, as shown below.


Multi-Level Surgical Guide with Treatment Plan

What's included:

  • Treatment Plan
  • 30-Minute Telephone Review Session
  • 3D-Printed Model
  • Foundation (Bone Reduction) Guide with Mounting Guide
  • Osteotomy Guide
  • Interlocking Pins

Multi-Level Surgical Guide with Treatment Plan and Immediate Provisional

What’s included:

  • Treatment Plan
  • 30-Minute Online Review Session
  • 3D-Printed Model with Segmented Bone Reduction Model
  • Foundation (Bone Reduction) Guide with Mounting Guide and Interlocking Pins
  • Osteotomy Guide
  • Prosthetic Delivery Guide
  • Four Multi-Unit Abutments
  • Four Stock Temporary Cylinders
  • Immediate Fixed Screw-Retained Provisional Implant Prosthesis

Ultimate Multi-Level Surgical Guide Package

What’s included:

  • Treatment Plan
  • 30-Minute Online Review Session
  • 3D-Printed Modular Model with Analogs and Segmented Bone Reduction Model
  • Foundation (Bone Reduction) Guide with Mounting Guide and Interlocking Pins
  • Anchor Pins
  • Osteotomy Guide
  • Prosthetic Delivery Guide
  • Multi-Unit Abutments
  • Custom Gasket for Relining Prostheses
  • One Set of Stock Temporary Cylinders
  • Implant Verification Prosthesis
  • One Set of Custom Precut Temporary Cylinders
  • Immediate Fixed Screw-Retained Provisional Implant Prosthesis
  • One Set of Blockout Shims

With the addition of new multi-level surgical guides, Glidewell DTP can now provide surgical support for cases from tooth-supported guides for single or multiple implants, to tissue- and bone-supported guides for fixed or removable full-arch restorations, as well as more complex procedures where bone reduction is required.

This prosthetically driven approach is informed by Glidewell’s experience restoring more than 2 million implant cases to provide you with the most esthetic and functional outcome possible — and can help you provide full-arch implant treatment with immediate provisionalization to more patients while reducing costs for your practice.

To start taking advantage of the new multi-level surgical guide and its incredible savings, visit or call 866-497-3692.


Glidewell Chairside EMA thermoforming discs

Glidewell has introduced a convenient same-visit solution for the treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea: the Glidewell Chairside EMA® Kit (Glidewell Direct; Irvine, Calif.). With the chairside kit, a sleep appliance can be fabricated in-office for immediate care.

It’s estimated that one in four patients suffers from sleep-disordered breathing (SDB), a condition that includes snoring and obstructive sleep apnea, which is linked to serious health consequences.1 The EMA (Elastic Mandibular Advancement) oral appliance is FDA-cleared for the treatment of both snoring and sleep apnea. Customized to the patient’s dentition by the dentist, the device is designed to be comfortable for patients to wear all night. 

The EMA appliance is affordably priced — either lab-fabricated ($238 per device) or made in the dental practice ($81 per Chairside EMA Kit) — and may be utilized as part of a provisional treatment strategy. In-office fabrication may also be ideal for patients who are already being treated for SDB but need a second appliance quickly due to loss or damage of their existing appliance.

Jamison Spencer


We have made a majority of our appliances in-house for over 20 years. The EMA is one of the easiest to fit, easiest to use, and most TMJ friendly of the many oral appliances available.

Jamison Spencer, DMD, M.S.
Director of the Center for Sleep Apnea and TMJ
Boise, Idaho

EMA for Provisional Therapy

The American Dental Association encourages dentists to screen for SDB as part of a comprehensive medical history. If patients are found to be at risk, they should be referred to a physician for a diagnosis. Many dentists have found that their patients cannot easily access sleep diagnostic services and may go untreated. For individuals at risk for SDB, provisional mandibular advancement device (PMAD) therapy is a strategy that any general dentist can use to treat their patients, who are then referred to a physician for definitive diagnosis and medical management. Central to this strategy is the use of an informed consent document that records the patient’s understanding of the provisional nature of the treatment and the importance of the referral to a physician. More about PMAD therapy can be found in the resources that follow.

With the Glidewell Chairside EMA Kit, dentists can treat patients faster, lower their lab costs and produce consistent results.

In-Office Fabrication of the EMA

Provisional treatment is well suited for immediate, same-day care. Same-visit dentistry is possible with the EMA appliance because the device is thermoformed, with a straightforward fabrication process. A trained assistant can take a patient from impressions to a completed appliance in a single visit using the ERKODENT® Erkoform-3dmotion vacuum-forming machine (Glidewell Direct). Utilizing the Chairside EMA Kit allows you to: 1) treat patients faster, 2) lower your lab costs, and 3) produce consistent results.

With the Chairside EMA Kit and Erkoform-3dmotion vacuum-forming machine, you can quickly fabricate an EMA appliance in the office so patients can be fitted the same day they have been qualified for care. Glidewell provides free resources to help you get started:

  • Strategy: Learn the PMAD protocol, a simple three-step process for treating patients provisionally, and download your free informed consent form at

  • Instructions: Read the blog “How to Make an EMA Appliance In-Office” and watch the 15-minute instructional video at

  • Sleep CE: Explore on-demand education on dental sleep medicine and earn CEUs at

To purchase the kit or to learn more about the in-office thermoforming equipment and accessories to make an EMA appliance chairside, call 877-708-7812 or visit

EMA is a registered trademark of Frantz Design Inc. ERKODENT is a registered trademark of ERKODENT Erich Kopp.


  1.  ^Heinzer R, Vat S, Marques-Vidal P, et al. Prevalence of sleep-disordered breathing in the general population: the HypnoLaus study. Lancet Respir Med. 2015 Apr;3(4):310-8.